The heat of a flame has positive effects on our spirit and mood: the light of a candle brings back feelings of calm and well-being, intimacy and serenity, and if it is a scented candle the benefits are many! The sense of smell is the sense most linked to emotions and our memories, it is no coincidence that we speak of olfactory memory. Giving or receiving a scented candle as a gift  means sharing a little of its light and perfume with those who receive or give it! Let's find out some usage tips for scented candles to create relaxing, energizing or sensual atmospheres, according to our needs!

If the beauty of the flame is instantaneous, we cannot expect the same for the perfume, in fact the fragrance of the candle will spread in the air as the wax is consumed, so it is good to light the candle at least 20 minutes before we want to start feeling the fragrance. For relaxing, choose fragrances based on lavender (naturally relaxing according to aromatherapy) while gourmand olfactory notes such as vanilla promote a good mood by easing tension.