The experience of a unique and magical land.

Tuscany, Italy

When nature beckons, our souls respond. 

This happens in Tuscany more than anywhere else because the geography of the land mixes with the geography of the soul.

The eyes are not enough to enjoy the immensity of the Tuscan landscape. Erbario Toscano has captured the strength of these sensory stimuli within its fragrances, giving everyone an extension of that universe, transforming Tuscany into a region of the spirit.

Erbario Toscano is a brand known all over the world by lovers of the Tuscan style. Its home and body fragrances, perfumes, and hair care products are witnesses of a territory that has been in touch with life - even of those who live elsewhere. This is thanks to an international reality that has transformed habitual behaviour into the ritual of taking care of oneself and one's home.

Erbario Toscano is the experience of a lifestyle. Refined in their extreme artisanal simplicity, Erbario Toscano products, suspended between art and beauty, are the ideal gift. The details, which make each package unique, work together to evoke the experience of a trip to Tuscany; a journey that starts every day through the scents, colours, and atmospheres felt by body and soul.

Tradition and Beauty


The design of the Erbario Toscano bottles is a tribute to the tradition of the ancient Florence pharmacy of the late 19th century. The design of our luxury home fragrance bottles comes from the memory of a glass inkwell that Egisto Bertozzi, creator of the brand, saw on a desk in his grandfather's laboratory.

An international experience.

Our Boutiques

Our boutiques evoke the values ​​of quality, naturalness, and simplicity while remaining tied to the Tuscan tradition and territory.

Erbario Toscano is currently distributed globally in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Korea, Chile, Estonia, Japan, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, United States of America, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

We want you to experience more of Tuscany.


With each order, we include samples to introduce you to our many unique fragrances and products.


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